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20 Dec

Hallauer House Signature Muffins

Hallauer House Signature Muffins

Our Hallauer House Signature Muffins are melt in your mouth delicious! :Don’t take my word for that. Here are some comments our guests have made.

“Melt in your mouth goodness!”

alt:"Hallauer House Signature Muffins"

Hallauer House Signature Muffins

” Divine!”
” Fantastic!”
” Scrumptious!”
” Outstanding!”
” Best I’ve ever had!”

Wow! Thank you all for the super descriptions of our breakfast muffins!

When planning breakfast menus for our new bed and breakfast we knew we needed one item to call our own. Having grown up in a restaurant family I knew the importance of having that one very popular item that no one else had. An item that people would remember and ask for upon return visits. We needed a signature item! This item needed to be quick and easy to prepare and make a number of servings. And what is quick and easy to make but a muffin recipe. Hence we decided on making our signature item a signature muffin!

But the next question was what kind of breakfast muffins do we want to make. And so the search began. We took a little bit of this and a little bit of that and eventually came up with a finished product that fit all of our criteria. The new recipe was easy to make and best of all it produced 3 dozen muffins!

At our first breakfast on our first day in business we baked our new Hallauer House Signature Muffins. The delicious smell during baking wafted through the house and made its way up to the guest rooms. So there was much anticipation as guests congregated in the dining room ready to sit down and enjoy breakfast. The muffins were served along with a fresh fruit cup before the main entree. And there was nary a crumb left on the plates! From the comments we knew we had a winner.

So now are you wondering where is the recipe? Well, remember, it is our signature item and signature recipes remain a secret! But when you stay with us you will get to enjoy our Hallauer House Signature Muffins! Book soon!




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