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1 Aug

Tantilizing Breakfasts!

If you’re planning to visit, today in Oberlin, Ohio is a very hot day and from the weather forecasts, the rest of the week will be a scorcher also. We turned on the sprinklers as no rain is predicted and we’re still 3 inches short of normal. Enough of the weather!

If you had stayed this week at Hallauer House, you would have had a couple of fantastic breakfasts or so our guests and 24 year old daughter have said.(Emily is our official taste tester and she said they were both the best ever!)

We started out on Monday with a menu of:

Hallauer House Healthful Muffins (our Blog namesake!)
Mixed Melon with Fresh Blackberries
mounded with Vanilla Yogurt
garnished with a fresh sprig of Lavendar

Macadamia Encrusted Tahitian French Toast Baguette
drizzled with warm Maple Syrup
garnished with a Hawaiian spear of a fresh Strawberry,
fresh Pineapple quarter, and fresh banana chunk

Carmelized Bacon Slices

On Tuesday our menu consisted of:

Petite Loaf of Praline Banana Bread
Vanilla Yogurt Parfait of Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Pineapple, & Banana
garnished with fresh stem of Lemon Verbena
Tarragon Egg Roulade
stuffed with fresh Onion, Green Pepper, & Cheddar Cheese
smothered with Sharp Cheddar Cheese Sauce & garnished
cayanne pepper
served on a bed of fresh Basil

Carmalized Ham Triangles

Of course all breakfasts come with choice of fruit juices, Coffee – plain or flavored, and an extensive selection of bagged or loose tea.

I would have taken a picture of the foods in the different menus but when you’re getting a service out at 8:30 am, that is really hard to do! The weather was great so we were at the table on the pool deck. So I’m presenting a tablesetting picture with a view of the pool. To get the full effect you’ll just have to come and visit!!!!The menus that I’ve shared are only two of the many that we have to offer. If you stay 10 times you will never have the same thing twice!

So come on over to Oberlin, Ohio and stay at Hallauer House B & B. The water is great so come and take a swim and enjoy a delicious mouth-watering gourmet breakfast!

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