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24 Aug

The Best Night of the Year!

For most people, their idea of a great way to spend an evening is to get dressed up to the nines, drop some money at a very upscale restaurant and then maybe go dancing or off to the theatre. Or maybe its just go for a casual meal and then to a movie or local community play.

For Joe and me, it was last night. At 9pm here in Oberlin, Ohio it was still 80 degrees with lots of humidity in the air. Too hot for a chiminea fire on the beach or a pit fire on the hill at the Pavillion but just right for a relaxing float in the pool. So we donned our swim suits, grabbed a beach towel, lit the poolside candles, turned on the floating pool lights and lowered ourselves into the warm 88 degree waters of our swimming pool just in time to see the surrounding garden landscape lights and the mini white lights come on automatically to twinkle in the long line of evergreen boxwoods.

There is absolutely no better way to spend an evening than to lie back in a warm pool, enveloped by the darkness. With a ‘noodle’ under your head and one under your legs, you can float for hours while you look up at the stars and listen to the chirping of the night crickets and the outstanding music of the Cleveland Orchestra. It is THE most relaxing, theraputic, stress relieving acitivity you can possibly engage in. But with 365 days in a year, there are only a handful of days here in Ohio when you will be able to experience this incredible sensation.

Now it’s time to put yourself into our pool. See yourself floating under the stars, surrounded by soft lights, soft music, and the soft sounds of the night while you sip a glass of fine wine or a cup of herbal tea. You’re at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast. You are a guest and you won’t be disappointed!

But unfortunately, there aren’t many of these nights left. So think about it! Reserve a room at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast before the end of September and enjoy the last days of summer in warm water under the stars! You know you want to! Come as a stranger, but leave as a friend!

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