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15 Mar

Another Restaurant Review!

It’s 7:00 p.m. and I’m still not hungry after having eaten a very substantial lunch at 1:30 at another one of Oberlin’s fine restaurants, Tooo Chinoise. This local eatery is located just opposite Tappan Square in the heart of Oberlin. Joe and I decided to eat lunch out and since we hadn’t been to Tooo for quite a while, it seemed appropriate that this was the time to go. Like all restaurants in Oberlin, there is no large neon sign telling you to “Come in here!” The sign is subdued with the window welcoming you with it’s selection of fine wines. The entrance door leaves a lot to be desired but don’t let that fool you. We were quickly seated in a booth by the friendly hostess and our server came promptly to take our beverage order. Forget the American and order a Chinese beer. The lunch entree list was substantial and we had a difficult time choosing but after much thought Joe chose Shrimp with Lobster Sauce and I chose the Pepper Steak. Both were priced at $6.00 each and included steamed rice and egg drop soup. Dinner entrees range from $7.00 to $11.00 and there is a nice selection of vegetarian and noodle dishes.

While we waited for the chef to prepare our food, our gaze took in the hip and trendy atmoshere that makes this Chinese restaurant many notches above others that we have been in. The booths are spacious along the wall and the tables align the middle and are separated by panels that offer a small level of conversational privacy. The modern formed booths along one wall were specially constructed for only 2 people, so make for a small intimate space. The wall was simple with small alcove shelves holding various Chinese article. The overhead light fixtures were very unique, large, and covered in fabric to blend with the rest of the decor.

And then came our food, served in bowls that looked like boats! Very chic! Joe’s dish had a generous amount of shrimp and the lobster sauce was oh so good! My beef was tender and nicely flavored with peppers and veggies that were tender crisp. A substantial mound of rice was presented with each dish and the water glasses were kept full – the sign of a first class establishment, so we were told many years ago by a well known restauranteur!

When you visit Oberlin, Tooo Chinoise, should be added to your list of places to eat! You won’t be disappointed!

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