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28 Jun

Menu for Today’s Guests

Blueberries are finally coming into season and what better way to serve them than atop a lucious cream filled blintz. But wait, you may be wondering, just what is a ‘blintz’? Well, the typical definition says that it is a thin pancake with a sweet or savory filling, rolled up and then baked. But here at Hallauer House we think outside of the box and our ‘blintz’ layers the creamy filling between two layers of pancake like batter. Because it is baked in a 9 X 13 inch dish, it is quick and easy to prepare for 8 guests. When it is served, the fresh mouthwatering blueberries are placed on top and a natural blueberry sauce is served on the side in miniture pitchers. That way guests can opt for more or less sweetness. So here is the menu we served to our Saturday guests!

Struesel Swirled Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Fresh Fruit Compote of Kiwi, Pineapple, and Banana infused with a hint of orange, topped with Vanilla Cream Yogurt and garnished with fresh Lavendar spear

Cream Filled Blintz with Fresh Blueberries and Natural Blueberry Sauce

Dijon Links of Sausate
Garnish of Beebalm Flower atop Leaf
of Tansey

Selection of Teas – bag or loose

Hot Chocolate

Coffee with Selection of Flavorings

Sorry! No recipes today! But if you would like the Blintz recipe, just respond to the Blog and I will gladly post it right away!

Have a great evening and if you need a vacation and a great breakfast, just give us a call! You know you want too!

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