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19 Jul

Come! Come to the Garden!

When it’s over 90 degrees and you don’t want to be frozen by the air conditioning inside, the next best thing is to hang out in the pool or sit in the shade of the giant oaks and listen to the water as it rushes down the stream, over the rocks, beading off the slate and finally falling to rest in the quiet water of the pond below.

On one of those 90 degree days, taking a break from the pool, I wandered through our garden, but this time I looked at it through the lens of the camera. Many guests have said that pictures show only a fraction
of what is really here so perhaps with
a wide angle lens, we can give you a
better view of what you will see when you visit us at Hallauer House!Come on and walk with us and we’ll give you a picture tour!But remember, it is much better in person!

Above is Plowel Share End with a backdrop of the tall pine felled because of wire clip. To the right is Eastern Shutter Garden with tall majestic tubes pointing skyward.

Below is a view of the Western Shutter Garden – all recycled shutters from our house from long ago.

Again Western Shutter and the Giant Hosta! The pathway is Amil Avenue.

This is Stairway to Freedom under the giant maple tree with a lantren hung out to light the way.
View back to Rear Window Alley. Rest at the glass top table and enjoy the view from the ‘rear window!’
Your view from the ‘Rear Window.”
The Greek Goddess Ceres looks our over the back gardens and waters the many Impatience at her feet.

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A look at the Pavilion next to the pond and stream. You can sit, relax, read, think, reflect, chat with a friend, write your memoirs, or maybe even take a nap. Listen to the stream and waterfall, the singing birds and the burping bullfrogs! At night the lights come on and all is well with the world.

Stop at Moss Hill and walk barefoot through the cushion of moss.

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View from the Pavilion. What lies beyond the door and why is it in the middle of the road? Come and see!
The Stream rambles down the hill, over the rocks, sheeting off the slate as it makes it way under the bridges to it’s destination below.
The Falling Waters.

The Greek God, David, watches over the pond as he reflects on the past, the present, and the future.

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Cupid stands on his pedestal of glass ready to bring romance to all who pass by.
Turtle and boy wait to cross over the bridge to arrive on the other side.
Can you see the ‘Dog with Attitude’ standing by the oak tree? If you can’t, then you’ll have to come and visit!
‘Soundscapes’ is a musical array of dingling windchimes and fanciful musical instruments. Listen! Listen! Can you hear the sound?

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More garden views.

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Peak at the Pool!
Could that be YOU swimming in the pool?
Cool and refreshing!

Between the two middle flags is South Beach with chiminea and adorondike chairs to relax in while you feel the sand beneath your feet.

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Through the gian lilac bush.
And finally Mr. Peanut who evolved from a dying maple tree. He now takes center stage over the deck and pool but who and what will he be next year! Only time will tell!

Thank you for going on the tour with us. We hope you enjoyed it. Come for a weekend. Swim, cool off, relax, sit in the garden. You know you want to!

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