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3 Jul

Suite Change!

It’s wet in Oberlin! But the gardens are lush and green! Come and visit!

We’ve made some changes in the Mason/Dixon Suite. Nothing major, just a change in the bedding but I think it has changed the entire look and feel of the room. The old comforters gave a modern feeling to the room and just didn’t fit our period
style. So we searched high and low and finally found quilts that are softer and give a more antique feel to the room. We will be changing the pictures on our website soon, but I thought I would give a heads up so that anyone coming for a visit soon, can see the ‘new’ look! Let us know what you think!

There are some other pictures also that might not be on the website that will give you a sense of just how large this suite is. Remember, it is 2 rooms with a connecting door. It is so large that the two queen beds and the full bed fit nicely with space left over for three different sitting areas! There are 4 good size upholstered chairs plus a love seat sofa plus 2 wooden side chairs so plenty of seating for everyone who stays in the Suite. You can enjoy approximately 484 square feet of living space and a view out of 20 windows! The picture to the right shows the view from the front room into the back room.

Because this is our most popular room, it is frequently booked sometimes by just 2 people who like lots of space! So check back to the website frequently to see the new pics. Or better yet, plan a get away, come for a visit and see the ‘new’ room in person! Come on, you know you want to!

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