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19 Nov

Where Has the Time Gone?!

I’m back and all I can say is “Where does the time go?!” I cannot believe that I last posted on April 15 and it is now Nov.18! I guess the old saying is true -“The older you get, the faster the time goes!” I apologize for the break in communication and hope to do better in the future.

Technology is changing so quickly that now Blogging is being passed by Facebook which is being passed by Twitter which is being passed by who ‘know’s what!’ And MySpace seems to be at the bottom of the heap! So much for our MySpace page! We recently went to a forum on these new communication venues and I have spent some of the last few months getting started on a business Facebook Page and I’m working on starting up on Twitter. So we invite you to become a Facebook FAN of Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast! Please join us to post comments, reviews, questions, photos, links, etc. But bear with me because us older folks are a little slower on the learning curve! Now we not only have a website to update but also the Blog, MySpace, Facebook, and soon – Twitter!!!! Where do you young people find the time???!!!

A lot has happened in Oberlin, in Lorain County, in Northeast Ohio, at Oberlin College, and here at Hallauer House B & B over the last few months. But why cover news and happenings that are over. Let’s move forward and go with news and events to come.

Over the last 6 months 2 new wineries have opened up in Lorain County, the Oberlin Apollo theater has reopened under new management and is all new inside, seniors at the college have moved one step closer to graduating, the new Jazz center is almost competed, there’s a new bagel shop in town, recitals are going on, we’ve added a fitness center at the B & B for you to use, and it is raining in Oberlin! So I see that I have lots of topics to cover so stay tuned! I will try my best to do a weekly or better update to the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter!

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