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17 Jan

‘Cabin Fever’?

If you have contracted that awful winter disease called ‘Cabin Fever’, then you have come to the right place for ‘the cure’!

But first – just what is ‘Cabin Fever?’ Well it is usually defined as a type of hysteria and claustrophobic reaction that comes on a person who spends extended periods of time indoors in very cramped conditions. Are you feeling it yet?!

So what causes this ‘disease’? During the winter months we get stuck inside the same four walls because of snow, ice, freezing temperatures, or illness. The days are short, the nights long, the air cold and in many cases social interaction and physical activity are reduced considerably.

What are the symptoms? Anger, restlessness, inertia, boredom, overeating, and fatigue are just some of the symptoms of this winter disease. Maybe you have experienced some, all or others not mentioned here.

And that brings us to cures. What can be done about this problem that afflicts so many? Sometimes a cure for ‘Cabin fever’ requires an environment re-location and some good ole fashion out-of-doors activity. And that is where Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast and the Lorain County Metro Parks can help.

First, come at stay at least two nights at the B & B for a change of scenery. See different walls, different colors, different decor. Explore new places, read about some history, experience some pampering, try out the exercise equipment to get your groove back. Sweat in the sauna and then soak in the Jacuzzi.

During the day get outdoors, into one of our Metro Parks.
Take a winter hike, try some cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Check out the ballroom dancing, bird watching, wildlife tracking, nighttime astronomy, beginning kayaking, various craft classes, and oh so much more! Most of these activities are either free or offered at minimal cost.

‘Cabin Fever’ can be cured! Come to Lorain County, to the Metro Parks, to Oberlin, to Hallauer House B & B.! Just 2 days away from your environment and you’ll return home recharged, relaxed, refueled, and ready to seize the day! Don’t wait! January specials going on right now. See a previous post or give us a call and ask for details. You won’t be disappointed!

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