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8 Jan

Manly Bed & Breakfast

A recent guest, when making a reservation, couldn’t decide whether he wanted the Confederate or Union Room. He asked “Which is the least feminine room?” He shared that he has stayed at a few b & b’s and invariably they are decorated more with the feminine touch – frilly, lacy, flowery, doily covered, pink, Victorian, and uptight (his word!) He finally booked the Union Room.

But his question got me to thinking about what Hallauer House has to offer the traveling males who would prefer a “man cave” with manly amenities. So here are 10 top things that a guy can expect to find when he stays with us.

  • Because I dislike frilly – there is no frilly, although we do have 2 canopy beds. One has a rose garland but no lace, just a straight sheer curtain on each end. You’ve got to have a little romance in case your significant other comes along!
  • No lace or doilies. They have to be washed and ironed – a lot!
  • No flowers – too gaudy.
  • We do have SWORDS! Lots of swords! My favorite is the walking cane that pulls apart to reveal a sword!

The Union and Confederate uniforms are very ‘manly’ and very appropriate for the period and a guy can really see what it would have been like to wear one of these wool uniforms in a Civil War battle.

There is a pool (summers only), treadmill, an elliptical, and a bow flex for flexing muscle and working up a sweat. And if sweat from those isn’t enough then there is the dry sauna to really open up the pores!

  • A frig to chill the beer.
  • A 1956 classic Buick Super to take pictures of and if you ask Joe he would gladly give you a ride in it!
  • And consider that we are only 35 minutes from the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cleveland Cavaliers stadiums.
  • Satellite TV with about 30 SPORTS CHANNELS!!!!!

So there you have it! Guys you are so welcome! Come alone. Come with friends. Come with your significant other. But do come! Stay at Hallauer House Bed and Breakfast! Give us a call! You know you want to! And you won’t be disappointed!

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