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4 Mar

It’s a Small World After All!

Today we will be welcoming back return guests who were here last year during the first week of April. Jodie will be auditioning for the Oberlin College Conservatory. When his mom made this year’s reservation, she reminded us that we all nicknamed her son “elevator boy!” Ok, so now you may be wondering, what kind of name is that and how did it come to be? The story is so interesting that I thought you might enjoy reading about it. So here is the tale of “It’s a Small World After All!”

Last year in mid March, Joe and I journeyed to San Francisco to visit our daughter in Petaluma. We decided to spend a few days in downtown San Francisco at the historic Whitcomb Hotel. On our last morning there we were on our way down to breakfast in the elevator where on the next floor two young high school students got on with their musical instruments. At the next floor, 2 more students joined us. Now Joe is very friendly so he mentioned to the students that since they are musicians, they should check out the Conservatory at Oberlin College when they begin making their college plans. Well, one student, a high school junior, said, “Well I will be visiting Oberlin next week with my mom.” So Joe responded back that we have a bed and breakfast just outside of Oberlin and if they need a place to stay just give us a call. Jodie, we found out his name later, gave us a surprised look and said, “We already have reservations at a bed and breakfast just outside of Oberlin, something called House.” We said Hallauer House? And he said Yes!

So here we are on an elevator in San Francisco meeting a perfect stranger who will be a guest at our B & B in just over 2 weeks! And he was only visiting San Francisco with his high school group and actually lives in Los Angeles! We were all totally flabbergasted! We talked a few more minutes and then parted ways saying we’ll see you in two weeks! And in 2 weeks, they arrived, Jodie with his mom, guests at Hallauer House! And now he is our “elevator boy!” He and his mom are returning this weekend as he has a final audition to the Conservatory. We so hope he is accepted. It would be a great to have them as guests for the next 4 years!

And on that same trip, we sat next to a gentleman at the airport as we waited for our plane. He was doing his work and we were reading our books. When he moved his bag I noticed an Oberlin College decal on his luggage and just had to ask him about it. Turns out he was an Oberlin College trustee!

So it really is a very small world after all! Welcome back Jodie and Julie!

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