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5 Mar

Round Robin Writing

Have you ever wanted to participate in writing a story? or have people read what you have written? Well, now when you stay at Hallauer House B & B you can do both of those things!

We are starting what we are calling Round Robin Guest Writing. Here’s how it works. Each guest room now has in it a notebook in which we have written one line that begins a story. Each guest who stays in that room is invited to add a paragraph or a page to continue the story. At the end of your section, you can sign your name, or not. The story is then ready for the next guest who stays in that room to read what has already been written and then add the next scene. We’ll let the story continue until a logical conclusion has been reached or no one can think of the next thing to say!

When each story (there will be three of them, one for each guest room) is finished, we will publish it on this Blog so that all the guests who contributed can see how the story progressed and then ended. And for others to see what great fun was had by all! This is just one more thing for you to do when you are a guest at Hallauer House B & B!

So what do you think about this idea? We would love to hear your comments. Do you think it will work? Or not? If you were a guest here, would you contribute to the story?

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