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30 Mar

The Breakfast Menu for Today!

Today our guests woke up to greet a foggy morning but were able to sit down and enjoy a warm and scrumptious breakfast that gave them lots of energy to begin the day.

The meal started off with the first course consisting of a warm cinnamon apples smothered with vanilla yogurt and topped with a bright red cherry. While enjoying the fruit, the guests munched on the second course of freshly baked banana bread spread with fluffy cream cheese.

Then it was time for the guests to receive the third course along with the fourth course as the main attractions, both served on Lenox china. The plate held a serving of Eggs Roulade underneath a blanket of creamy cheddar cheese sauce, resting on a bed of quickly steamed organic spinach, and sprinkled with cayenne pepper.
The meat attraction consisted of ham triangles sauteed in apple juice. Add to this a cup of our steaming hot coffee or hot tea from a selection of 39 tea varieties and you have a breakfast fit for a king!

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