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16 Feb

Hidden Hotel Fees

A new investigation has found that the hotel industry is starting to follow the airline industry into adding on fees for more profit. Some of the FEES cited in the report are:

  • $10.00 – $15.00 per day WIFI fee and some are charging per each device.
  • $25.00 and up per day resort fee ( looked at a resort last year and the resort fee was $200.00!)
  • $10.00 and up charge to use exercise facility
  • $12.00 and up charge for using the coffee maker in your room
  • $15.00 – $25.00 parking fee to park your own car
  • Of course we all know there is a mini bar fee for each item taken, but now a fee when you move an item! That will set off a sensor and automatically charge your room! 
  • If the hotel has a spa, there is a fee
  • Then there are the pool towel fees, 
  • watch your luggage fees, 
  • late and early check-in fees
  • room cleaning fees (for the maids to come in and straighten your room daily)
  • energy surcharge fees  
  • telephone fees
  • turn down service fee
  • concierge fee
  • bellhop service fee 
  • and of course there is always the sales tax and bed tax added on at the end.
The fees are popping up and many times guests do not hear about them until they go to check out. Sometimes the fee list will be in very fine print at the bottom of your check-in paper. And who wants to take the time to do that!
So our advice – The better way to stay could very well be to stay in a small, quaint bed & breakfast. Here at Hallauer House our mini refrigerator bar is FREE. Our WIFI is FREE. Parking is FREE. Use of pool is FREE. Pool towels are FREE. Late or early check-in is FREE. Use of the exercise and rec room is FREE. Use of Asian Spa is FREE. Daily room straightening is FREE. Use of telephone is FREE. Luggage watch is FREE. Gas, electric, and water are FREE. Use of the ‘resort’ is FREE. Coffee and tea are FREE, even Keurig coffee!  Concierge service is FREE. Bellhop service is FREE. And no extra charges for taxes. In other words, the price you see is the price you pay.
So try the B & B experience and see for yourself that it is the better way to stay.

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