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30 Sep

Geocaching – New Event

So how many of you know of or have participated in GEOCHACHING If this is a new term for you then let me explain what  geocaching is. It is a global scavenger hunt involving deposits of information and items hidden around areas in communities where you use your GPS to navigate to the hiding places. Website gets more than 123 million visits annually and it noted geocaching has grown by 30 percent a year in recent years. The directory of GeoTours spans from our local Lorain County to Alsace, France, to 44 geocaches in the Andes Mountains of Peru. What a great way to explore the world! Extensive details can be found at the geocaching website.

Beginning in October this popular activity is coming to Lorain County and you are invited to participate! This is an adventure for individuals, couples, families, cyclists, teams. Come and play the game then stick around to enjoy the Metro Parks, the wineries, the shopping, the Zip Line, the museums, the fall colors, and much more. 

The kick off is this Saturday, October 4 where the cache coordinates will be revealed. There already are 49 geocaches hidden along the North Coast Inland Trail between Kipton, Oberlin and Elyria, and the trails that connect High Meadows, Bur Oak, Day’s Dam and the Steel Mill Trail of Lorain and Sheffield Village. There is also an Underground Railroad geocache trail around Oberlin. To find out the coordinates attend the breakfast from 9:30-11 a.m. Oct. 4 at the Black River Landing Transportation Center, 421 Black River Lane, Lorain. The new geocache trail coordinates will be released at 11 a.m. Then you are off and running or driving or biking. Have fun! And remember we have great accommodations here at Hallauer House so come, play, and stay!

Check out this article in the Morning Journal for some more information.

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