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21 May

A Strawberry Infused Breakfast

The parents who’s names were drawn for this years Oberlin College Commencement arrived on Friday and will be here until Tuesday! And to celebrate the occasion we decided we needed to serve a very extra special breakfast on Saturday morning.

pancakes-strawberries-infused-Grand Marnier

Buttermilk Pancakes with Grand Marnier Infused Strawberries

The meal began with a fresh fruit cup of mango and blackberries topped with vanilla Greek yogurt, followed with fresh baked zucchini raisen bread spread with cream cheese. The entree appeared to be an ordinary stack of buttermilk pancakes but the topping was a potent ultra-adult Grand Marnier  infused strawberries in the Grand Marnier syrup! Oh my, to die for!  I do believe that all the plates came back to the kitchen empty! Plated with the pancakes were sausage patties basted with Joe’s concoction of Truvia, Arizona hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. All of those too were consumed! I do believe that the breakfast was a success!

Thank you loyal guests!

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