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18 Aug

Welcome Oberlin College Parents and Students

Welcome SignOur welcome goes out to the new in-coming Oberlin College parents & students who are beginning their 4 year journey to achieving their dreams and goals. For recent high school graduates the college check in day is probably the most anticipated day since high school graduation. Here at Oberlin that day is Tuesday August 22!

Questions students and parents have probably been asking themselves over the last few months – What will my roommate be like? Will I like him/her? What dorm will I be in? What do I need to buy and pack? What will my classes be like? How do I help my son/daughter move in? How do I help him/her adjust to college life? But sometimes, as we have learned over the last 15 years, parents forget to make that overnight lodging reservation until the last minute. And so many times we talk to parents and they say “I wish I would have known to make reservations earlier!”

So SOME WORDS OF ADVICE for new Oberlin College parents.

  • Book a room early! – Make plans and reserve a room early when you plan to visit your child at Oberlin. Parents Weekend books up a year in advance as soon as the dates are set.  Accommodations in town fill up fast with parents who want to be close to campus. We are just 4 miles from campus and we fill up with parents who want to enjoy our amenities and our breakfasts! Our advise is to plan visits on non parent type weekends, like your child’s birthday or when a special event is taking place on campus.
  • If you want to have a chance for a local place to stay for your child’s graduation 4 years from now then we recommend that you develop a relationship with a bed & breakfast. The local hotel is only open to alumni and VIP’s for commencement dates every year. Some B & B’s place your name on a commencement list. Some let you book 4 years in advance. The College opens up the dorms.
  • And then there is Hallauer House B & B. We do a lottery for Oberlin College Commencement. Below is how it works.


  • Commencement Weekend, the fourth Monday in May, is reserved for guests who have stayed with us.
  • We use a lottery system – a guest accumulates one ticket for EACH NIGHT that you stay with us over the 4 or 5 year period that your child attends Oberlin. (If you stayed with us during your college exploration, we will give you tickets for those visits also.)
  • The more nights that you stay, the more lottery tickets you accumulate in the jar
  • Each May, we draw the three names who will then have first choice of our three rooms for the following years graduation.
  • There is a 3 day minimum stay for Commencement, a special cancellation and payment policy, and a special weekend rate.

OBERLIN QUESTION: Do you have any discounts for Oberlin College Parents?  

The answer is we do not have any discounts but we do have a LOYALTY PROGRAM as explained below.

LOYALTY PROGRAM for Oberlin College Parents!  Earn a FREE NIGHT!Loyalty Program for Oberlin College Parents

  • Oberlin Parents: Now that your son/daughter is a student at Oberlin College, we know that you will be coming to visit them often. Over the course of those 4 years you can become a member of our LOYALTY PROGRAM!
  • Simply stay a total of 6 nights over 4 years at Hallauer House during your child’s college days and receive the 7th night FREE! (Some parents have received 2 free nights over 4 years!)
  • On your first visit during your child’s First Year, tell us you are an Oberlin parent and would like to be in the LOYALTY PROGRAM.
  • Keep track of your visits and then tell us when you have reached your 6 nights and then you will be eligible for one free night for the 7th visit.
  • Stay with us during Fall check-in, when you come for sporting events, or to attend your child’s drama production or recital, for a birthday celebration or some other special occasion.
  • Come and stay just because you miss your child! We also invite your child to the B & B to join you for a complimentary breakfast in the morning.
  • Each night that you stay is counted as one of the 6 nights so if you stay for 3 two night weekends you will have the 6 nights!
  • Call us your home away from home for the next 4 years!
  • Use a free night on a weekday, and most weekends.
  • FREE night cannot be used for Parent’s Weekends, Orientation, check-in times, Graduation in May, and major college event weekends. Free night subject to availability and only good for the Union or Confederate Room. Maximum of 2 free nights over a 4 year period.

So Oberlin College parents join our Loyalty Program and get a chance for a room for the 2021 Oberlin College Commencement and earn a FREE NIGHT! So come and stay! Our 4 mile drive into town will take you 7 minutes!



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