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Asian letter for balance
27 Feb

Asian Spa Experience


Asian Spa Experience includes use of dry-heat sauna

The Asian Spa experience at Hallauer House B & B begins after you return from dinner. Your $50.00 restaurant certificate is always for a local establishment and will be enough to cover dinner for two. After you have returned to the B & B make your way to the Asian Spa. Walk through the shoji doors into a room with dimmed lighting, scented candles burning bright around the tub, and soft spa music playing on the Bose stereo.

Your first decision is what to do first, the sauna or the bath. We usually recommend to guests that they begin with the far infrared sauna. In this previous post I wrote about the evolution of the dry heat sauna and the benefits for your body and health so be sure to click on the post for that article. It is your choice as to how high you want the heat to go and how long you want to remain in the sauna. Even though the entire cycle could take about 45 minutes, you can exit anytime you like.

Asian chairs

The Asian Spa Experience – Relax on the chairs!

After your sauna and while the tub is filling with water, relax in  the Asian chairs and enjoy a glass of water or a glass of champagne. The champagne is also included in your Spa Package Experience. And don’t forget to choose another CD to play in the Bose stereo while you are relaxing! Meanwhile, check out all of the Spa products in your gift basket,

Asian spa tub

Asian Spa Experience-Jacuzzi tub

Once the water is over the jets step into the warm bath, scrunch down, and let the days stress just melt away. Let your mind wander to your happy place to push away all elements of negativity. Close your eyes and let your chi, “energy,” transform you.  If  your chi is unbalanced the chi causes your emotions to become agitated and distressed. If your chi is balanced the chi causes your emotions to become smooth and more satisfying.

To understand Chi and to live in harmony and balance with the Chi within your body and your environment, is to master life itself. So while you are inside the tub, relax and visualize how the energy of the water embraces you. It thereby cleanses your thoughts, feelings, and physical body. Keep your feet and neck submerged in the water. Use the water to relax and meditate with slow gentle circles with your hands. A 30 minute soak is recommended.

Now, how do you feel? Great! Your body thanks you! Now get a good nights rest and we will see you at breakfast!

CLICK HERE for a video tour of the Asian Spa!

The Asian Spa Experience at Hallauer House B & B – What it includes:
  • Full breakfast in the morning
  • Use of Asian Spa all evening
  • $50.00 gift certificate to local restaurant for dinner
  • Champagne or Saki, your choice
  • Basket of spa products

PRICE: $100 extra above the room cost







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