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24 Nov

Oberlin Hotel Alternative

Looking for an Oberlin Hotel? Why not try a hotel alternative instead? A stay at our authentic bed and breakfast can hold many advantages. So let us help you decide.

At a hotel you could experience the following:
  • A large parking lot with a long walk from car to hotel entrance, maybe at an additional overnight cost.
  • Long line at check-in.
  • Impersonal staff.
  • A wait for the elevator.
  • You may find a knowledgeable local concierge or you many not.
  • Then you may be given a room with one window that looks out onto the side walk or parking lot.
  • Or you get assigned a room next to that elevator.
  • Same ole hotel furnishings – you know what I mean!
  • Long wait to get service for breakfast – lots of people, lots of noise, not enough servers.
  • Additional cost for that breakfast! Or its free but you wait on yourself  and choose cereal, steam table eggs or bland waffles.
  • May not have many amenities. Maybe there’s a pool that smells of chlorine, a hot tub that’s not hot, or a fitness room with broken equipment.
  • Or the worst of all – you booked with an OTA  but the local hotel did not get your reservation.
At the Oberlin hotel alternative, that is the 1830 Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast, you will definitely experience the following:
<img src="Oberlin hotel bed and breakfast guest room.jpg" alt="Oberlin hotel bed and breakfast guest room.jpg">

Oberlin hotel alternative guest room

  • Free parking just steps from the main entrance.
  • A personal check-in and tour of the facility by the friendly innkeepers.
  • No elevator but help with luggage if needed.
  • Knowledgeable Innkeepers offer concierge service any time.
  • Rooms that have many windows with views to gardens and pool.
  • And each guest room has it’s own flair with furnishings to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Also you can choose your room depending on your needs!
  • No wait for breakfast! It is served at the time you want in a quiet, warm, pleasant dining room, and always by candlelight!
  • Enjoy breakfast while learning about Oberlin’s history and attractions.
  • No need to pay extra for breakfast or make your own! Breakfast is always FREE!

    <img src="Oberlin hotel bed and breakfast dining room.jpg" alt="Oberlin hotel bed and breakfast dining room.jpg">

    Breakfast service at Hallaluer House, the hotel alternative.

  • If it is amenities you want we have them all on premises! Summer pool with no chlorine smell, a perfectly hot, hot tub, and four machines to work out on. And when you are done use the sauna!
  • Add to that the use of a pool table and a ping pong table. Or play some old vinyl records and get a blast from the past!
  • And best of all you can book direct by phone and speak personally with the Innkeeper/Owner. Or book direct on secure B & B website. No middleman to get the reservation wrong.

So if you are looking for an Oberlin hotel why not try the hotel alternative. Stay at 1830 Hallauer House Bed and Breakfast, rated the number 1 Bed and Breakfast in Oberlin on TripAdvisor. 


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