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14 Nov

Asian Spa Package

,The Asian Spa is the special space here at Hallauer House B & B where you will find peace, tranquility, and a renewal of spirit.  This serenity begins immediately as you walk through the traditional

alt:"Asian spa tatami doors""

Asian Spa Tatami Doors

Asian tatami doors. An instant calmness descends upon you as you take the two steps down to the sunken oasis. The color green on the walls and floor will evoke feelings of being one with nature. Another key point from Color psychology suggests that the color green imparts a restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving feeling. In addition, the muted orange accent color on one wall is the color of the setting sun, and seems to impart feelings of spirituality and relaxation. Given these points, these two colors combined with the glow of candlelight, create the ambiance of the Asian Spa.

The Asian Spa

The Asian Spa is filled with Asian accessories. Two black lacquered Asian chests with carved mother of pearl inlays are the major furniture pieces. A small Chinese chest holds the Bose stereo available to play CD’s of ambient, instrumental, or Zen music.  Above the Jacuzzi tub are paintings of Japanese Kabuki dancers while the other painting is of Mt. Fuji. Tibetan prayer flags and Asian paper lanterns are draped in several places around the room. In addition to silk Chinese pajamas there is also an unusual sweater showing Kabuki Japanese faces. Equally important are the 4 small Chinese clay soldiers like the ones who protect the Chinese emperor in the afterlife. Also of note is the Japanese Hakata Doll written about in a previous post. Lastly, guests can  sit and sip champagne in the Chinese side chairs in the glow of light from the shoji lamp.

alt:"Asian Spa lacquered chest"

Black lacquered chest

alt:"black lacqured chest"

Small lacquered chest

alt:"Asian silk pajamas"

Silk pajamas

alt:" Asian Spa Kabuki women

Kabuki women

alt:"Asian chairs"

Asian side chairs

Asian Spa Package

Use of the Asian Spa is now only available by booking the Asian Spa Package. That package includes the following:

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Use of Asian Spa with whirlpool tub, dry heat sauna, Zen music, and candlelight
  • Bottle of Champagne when you are ready to use the Asian Spa
  • Collection of Spa products
  • $50.00 dinner certificate to local restaurant for your evening
  • Use of Chadsworth & Haig Ultimate Luxury Doeskin Spa robes

The cost of the package is a $100.00 add on to the reservation.

Ultimately, what better way to spend a cold winter evening than in a relaxing environment of candlelight, soft music, champagne, and your significant other! And don’t forget the hot tub outside!

This package can be booked on line or you can call 440-774-3400.

alt:" Asian Spa Basket of spa products"

Spa Products for Asian Spa Package What better way to spend a cold winter evening than in a relaxing environment of candlelight, soft music, and a significant other!

alt:"Asian Spa robe"












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