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29 Jul

Great place to hike!

Joe and I just got back from a 4 mile hike at the Wellington Reservation on Jones Rd. in Wellington, just 10 miles south of Hallauer House and the first thing we did upon our return was to drop our feet into the pool to cool them off! I wore my Crocs, which were great for the first 3 miles but the crushed stone trail began to take it’s toll after 3 1/2 miles. Remember next time to wear the trusty walking shoes with socks! But what a beautiful place to take a peaceful walk. During our 4 mile journey, we saw only 1 family and that was at the very beginning of the trail. The rest of the time we meandered through the grassland fields, the wetland habitats, and the meadow. We skirted the forest and swamp, imagining that we might see a croc like in Florida! HaHa! We were in awe with the amount of Queen Anns Lace, Burdock, daisies, and other beautiful wildflowers that I cannot name. I see them in my garden and want to pull them out as weeds! Maybe next year I should leave them and see what comes up! But so pretty they are on the prarie. The trees, the grasses, the birds, the wildflowers are just awesome!

There is also a 21-acre lake formed by the Wellington South Reservoir that people were paddling around on in their four-person pontoon boats and we could see fishing poles hanging over the sides! Can’t wait to try that! Any non-gas motorized boat is allowed so next time we could go fishing and maybe catch some Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish and I’m sure, a lot of Bluegill! We could also take the canoe down and paddle around or go in circles since we haven’t canoed in a while! And if you are our guest here, we’ll let you take the canoe down and go in circles!

The Visitors Center features a large meeting room with windows overlooking the water and it can accommodate up to 76 people. What a great place to have a family reunion, bridal or baby shower, or a reception.

So my point on the Blog is to let you know that Lorain County has a lot to offer visitors! Wellington Reservation is only one of our many Metroparks. We invite you to come and visit. See what great things are available and happening in Lorain County and while you’re here, stay with us at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast. We gaurantee that you’re tired feet will be thrilled with a dip in the pool!

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