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19 Feb

Another Free Night Winner!

Congratulations to another FREE NIGHT WINNER! Cody McCune and Angela Griffe played the Hocus Focus game to become the 7th couple to achieve the title of free night winner to Hallauer

alt:"free night winner"

Free Night Winners – Cody and Angela

House Bed & Breakfast! And we have a champion once again!

During your stay at the B & B you receive a complimentary breakfast. And at that breakfast you can play one of two games in order to win the free night. One game is called Name the Ingredients and the other game is Hocus Focus. So let me explain how they each are played.

alt:"free night winner name ingredients"

Free night winner – Guess Ingredients on the bacon!

Name the Ingredients

This is a game for all you meat eaters out there! Joe is the meat chef who prepares the bacon, sausage, or ham that will be served with the main entree. In order to kick the meat up a notch he combines three ingredients which are something salty, something savory, and something sweet. He then will baste the selected meat with the sauce and let it get a good sear. When the meat is served it is up to each guest to determine what the three ingredients are. For example, one combination might be mustard, honey, and soy sauce. The next morning those three ingredients are different, or maybe they’re the same! It’s up to you to make that determination! So how good is your palate? Play as a couple or with your family. It has been done and one winner was 7 years old! She became a free night winner and gave the free night to her grandparents.

Hocus Focus

Joe is also the inventor of this game as he is also the official table setter. He will mix and match things at each place setting and guests will be able to look at all of those place settings to determine what is different. For example, one fork might be a dinner fork and all the others are luncheon forks. Or one water glass may be larger than the others on the table. One napkin might be a slightly different color. One spoon may have an engraving on it and not the others. So if you can guess all of the things different on the table you become a free night winner! So do you think you can guess the differences and become a champion?

alt:"free night winner - guess differences"

Free night winner – Guess the differences!


Only one way to find out! Come and stay and play “Hocus Focus” or “Name the Ingredients.” Become a Champion! Become a Free Night Winner!

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