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28 Jan

Outdoor Hot Tub Heaven

Relaxing in an outdoor hot tub, or spa, in the cold months of winter is like heaven on earth experience! An outdoor hot tub is THE place where you can go to relax and unwind from the stresses of the world. And it also is a place where you can sit back, look up at the stars and contemplate life. It can be an euphoric experience which can be yours when you stay at Hallauer House B & B.

So here is our little story.

You arrive in the Rec Room wrapped up in a cozy warm bathrobe. With tepid anticipation you take the door handle, twist, and pull open the door to the outside. The icy air and snow assaults your body letting you know that winter has a hard grip on Oberlin. Moving quickly you lift the cover of the hot tub up and over the bar. Immediately you are greeted by the steaming, crystal clear, 103 degree water beckoning you to step in. After a quick hesitation you remove the robe and step up and over into the swirling water. Your escape from the cold and falling snow is complete! Now sit back and enjoy the rotating light show in the water and the mood lighting around the tub. As the water engulfs your body up to your neck just relax. Now let the pulsating jets do their work on your stressed out muscles and joints.

alt:"outdoor hot tub off"

Hot tub at rest.

alt:"oudoor hot tub with jets on"

Outdoor hot tub jets on

Now enjoy the massage! 

Melt into the Oscillator JetPak as it provides a soothing kneading massage over your entire back.  You stretch out your legs and let the bottom jets attack sore feet, toes, and ankles. By extending your arms you will find a jet that will massage tight wrist joints and texting thumbs. Gentle and oh so tranquil.

Now let the hot tub take care of your tight neck and shoulder muscles. Slowly rotate to the NeckBlaster JetPak. Feel the warm hydro massage as it melts away tension in your upper back and neck. Close your eyes. Release the stress. Just breathe.

Relaxation continues as you rotate again to the Wellness JetPak. Let the medium intensity rhythmic pulsating massage overtake your body. Feel the calmness. Your body is getting looser. So open your eyes and look up at the nighttime sky. The stars are out. The moon is full. Look for jets flying high up in the sky to places far far away. A light snow begins to fall. Life is beautiful.

And now the last rotation brings you to the Rainshower JetPak on the lounge seat. Stretch out your legs. Rest your head on the pillow. Sit quietly and listen to the sound of a gentle rain. Melt into this soothing hydro massage from 42 jets. Let the jets in the lounge seat lift your arms and legs as they massage away the last of the tension in your body. Total relaxation is now yours. Your mind is clear. Its like heaven on earth.

And now time is up!

Everything must end! And so does the hot tub cycle after a glorious 30 minutes. Its time to leave the warmth of the water but get out you must. So you quickly step out of the tub back into the cold air which now is actually not so bad! You are warm! Grab your robe. Quickly lower the tub cover and then dash back to the warmth of the house and enjoy your new found euphoria!

And that is your hot tub experience!

Three years ago we installed our Bullfrog brand outdoor hot tub beside the door to the Rec Room. We love the hydro massage of the

alt:"frogs by outdoor hot tub"

Frogs for Bullfrog Spa

JetPaks and we know you will too. And we love surrounding our Bullfrog Spa with all kinds of different bullfrog statues!

Guest reviews have always been 5 stars! So when you reserve a room here at Hallauer House B & B be sure to bring along your swim suit. We’ll supply the towels! Here you can enjoy a little bit of heaven on earth by soaking in an outdoor spa under the stars! And with our winter rate special make a date and sit in the warm water while the snow falls down all around you!

alt:"outdoor hot tub in snow"

Our outdoor hot tub in snow





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