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29 Mar

Prix Fixe Breakfast Menu

A prix fixe breakfast menu is always served at Hallauer House B & B. For anyone not familiar with the term prix fixe it simply means a pre-selected menu at a fixed price. The chef plans the foods to be served and the fixed price would be the total cost per person. In other words everyone gets the same food and pays the same price. Here at Hallauer House it means our breakfast menu is pre-selected but the price to everyone is FREE!

Our Prix Fixe Menu

Our menu changes daily but it always includes in season fresh fruit, sweet bread, sweet or savory entree, breakfast meat, juice, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. For instance today’s menu consisted of a cup of fresh mango with blueberries topped with vanilla yogurt. With that we served a

alt:"prix fixe breakfast fruit and scone"

Prix Fixe Breakfast Fruit and Scone

luscious Cream Scone with a choice of strawberry jam, grape jelly, and Devon-shire Cream. The sweet entree consisted of a Puffed Pancake filled with a decadent cherry sauce and topped off with whipped cream and sliced almonds. With that came two crisp sausage patties basted with Joe’s secret sauce. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are the hot beverages of choice. While juice choices are orange, mango, and guava.

alt:" prix fixe breakfast puff pancake"

Prix Fixe Breakfast Puff Pancake

Average cost of restaurant breakfast

Now what would our breakfast cost in a restaurant. Let’s take a look at some average prices.

  • Glass of orange juice ————————————————————   $3.00
  • 1 cup of fresh fruit with yogurt ————————————————-   $4.00
  • Scone with jams and cream —————————————————    $4.50
  • Puff Pancake (equivalent to 2 large pancakes) with special sauce –    $8.00
  • 2 sausage patties —————————————————————–   $3.00
  • Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate —————————————————   $2.00

Total bill for 1 person—    $24.50.

Wow! That would be almost $50.00 for two plus tip! But all of that is complimentary with our prix fixe breakfast menu.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prix Fixe

First the advantages of our prix fixe breakfast.

  • The price of the room includes breakfast.
  • Table ready when you come down to dining room
  • No waiting to place an order.
  • No decision on what to order, especially in the morning!
  • Begin with fruit and sweet bread as soon as you are seated at the table.
  • After arriving in dining room can usually finish meal within 30 minutes since there is no waiting.
  • No waiting to pay.
  • No tip necessary for wait staff!
  • Flexible breakfast time to suit needs of each guest.

So now here are the disadvantages.

  • No choice in food selection. (Although we find the majority of guests like what we serve! And we do check for special diet requirements, food allergies, and food dislikes).
  • That is all I can think of! But if you, dear reader, think of a disadvantage please comment and let me know!



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