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Hot Tub
7 Nov

An Awesome Hot Tub Experience!

Searching for a hot tub to use during your overnight getaway? Then you have come to the right place! Come and enjoy our newest amenity!

Hot Tub

Bullfrog brand hot tub.

Here at Hallauer House B & B the swimming pool may be closed for the season but the hot tub will be open year round. And what better time to use it than during the winter months.

Just imagine relaxing in an open outdoor hot tub while the snow falls gently around you. The outside air is cold and biting while the tub water is a toasty 102 degrees. The mini lights and flaming torches give off a romantic glow. So now slip into the tub and let the swirling water soothe away your aches and pains. With your head just above the water you can relax your breathing, gaze up at the stars and dream about tomorrows adventures.

Hot tub location by door

Location by rec room door

Now some will say that going outside during the winter in a bathing suit is not their cup of tea. But let me say that winter is probably the best time to suit up, brave the cold, and take a hot tub soak. With that in mind, we located our hot tub just outside the rec room door. So just step across the threshold, walk several steps to pop up the cover, drop your cozy robe and towel, and climb into the water.

Welcome to Our Spa!

The Bullfrogs

The Bullfrogs!

The BullFrog Hot Tub, which is what we have, has 4 JetPaks plus 2 regular jet areas. The maximum stress relief is at the Neck Blaster Pak. Here you will find neck and shoulder jets which will massage those muscles known to tighten with stress and help alleviate built up tension. This one is my favorite! Another seat is in front of the Oscillator which provides a soothing kneading massage. It covers a wide area of your back with a gentle to medium intensity that is so relaxing! The Wellness JetPak combines a variety of different massages. Your shoulders and lateral muscles in your lower back are the targe leaving you totally relaxed. And the final seat in the spa is at the Rainshower JetPak.  You will receive a gentle all-over hydromassage experience that is not too strong and with 42 jets, you will experience a smooth soft surface massage that melts away your cares and worries.

Now what are you waiting for!  The spa awaits and you know you will be dealing with cabin fever very soon. And now is the perfect time to book that winter get away. It is really easy! Don’t forget your swimsuit! We will provide the towels and robes.

Just go to BOOK NOW! 

But before you book, let the pictures below show what awaits your visit! And follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Spa in green lights

Spa in green lights

Which color will you relax in?

Spa in blue light

Spa in blue light

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