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3 Oct

Saddest Day of the Year!

Well that saddest day of the year is finally here – the closing of the swimming pool! But this year, we’re draining the pool and installing a new liner, well Joe and I aren’t the installers but The Great Escape install crew is doing it for us! Thanks to Andy, Mark, Joel, and Scott for all their hard work. Excellent job guys! Can’t believe they completed the job in less than half a day! Thanks a million! Thursday they came to transfer the water to two portable pools and then yesterday they returned to finish the job. We will still loose about a third of the water but we needed to lower the water level anyway for the winter.
So today, Friday, the pool is officially closed with the new winter cover in place and wouldn’t you know the temperature today was 85 degrees!!! And tomorrow and Sunday we will see the same weather, possibly pushing 90 degrees! It is so warm, calm, and humid that the pool would have been a great place to be right now at 7PM. But the Cleveland Indians are playing the New York Yankees in the play-offs so I guess it’s best to be glued in front of the TV watching the game or sitting at the computer with the game just an earshot away. Go Tribe!!

Check out the pictures to see the pool go from old to new. And be sure to check us out next spring. Pool opens last week in April and will be warmed up and ready about 3 days later.

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