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20 Mar

Just When We Thought It Was Over?

Just when we you think the snow is over for the year, you turn on the news and what to your wonderous eyes appears but a map of the weather with snow on the rise!
Yes, again, northern Ohio is poised to get yet another snow hit tomorrow evening and into Saturday morning – 3 to 6 inches! The stuff from two weekends ago finally melted away and with the first day of spring, we thought we would be on the temperature upside. But, I guess we will wait a few more days and when the warm up finally arrives, it will be oh so much better!
To cheer myself up, I ventured out into the garden, muddy paths and all with
snow still covering the shady areas but spot them I did! The tiny green tops of the primroses and daffodils! So all of you with cabin fever, like me, take note! They’re out there! They’re coming! All the little flowers are just itching to poke their heads up and catch some rays! It will happen! Let’s only hope it’s not too much longer!

One bright thing happened this week – our giant amaryllas finally bloomed! This is the latest that has happened as they usually pop open in February. I guess they haven’t enjoyed the extremely cold weather either. So we can enjoy their blooms for at least the next few weeks and by then maybe the spring perennials will be well on their way to showing off their stuff for this season!

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