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10 Dec


Here is another great gift idea for someone on your gift list, whether it be for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or wedding. How about a SMART BOX! Now some of you are probably wondering what exactly is a SMART BOX? A SMART BOX is an all inclusive gift that includes a mixture of different themed activities. The unique activities can range from a stay at a charming Inn or destination, to a stay at a high quality spa or resort, to a sports activity that is wild or tame. So here is what you, the gift giver, do.

1) Hassle-free! You choose the theme at the price you want to pay, buy the related Smartbox™, and either use it yourself or give it as a gift. No need to select the activity for your recipient now!

2) The recipients use the guidebook to make their own choice from up to 125 different experiences; then they book directly with the establishment they chose when they are ready to ‘get away!’

3) No additional cost to the receiver: The receiver turns in the enclosed voucher to the chosen establishment at the time of the experience and then kicks back to enjoy the experience! A price is not shown, so the receiver won’t know how much you’ve paid. Obviously, travel expenses to the destination are not included.

So you are probably asking, “Why am I telling you about this when I could just talk to you about a Gift Certificate directly to Hallauer House B & B?’ Well, the answer is…………..drum roll please!……. We, 1830 Hallauer House B & B just happen to have been chosen to be in the BOOK! We are on page 11 of the Getaway Gifts Book. To go directly to our page just click this link: When you purchase this book for someone, they can choose to come here or go to any of the other great B & B’s listed and described in ‘The Book!’
We have purchased two SMART BOXES (not the Getaway Book) and have really been pleased.

So keep the SMART BOX in mind for some of your gift giving. And don’t forget, you can still elect to come directly here to Hallauer House B & B for our exclusive, personalized gift certificate! See you all soon!

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