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1 Mar

A Mystery Recipe

We here at Hallauer House B & B like to take standard breakfast foods and send them to the next level! This is our way to make breakfast great again!

sausage links

Plain ole sausage

So who wants to eat a plain ole sausage link that was just heated up in a skillet and put on a plate? Well we do  not!  That is why we have Chef Joe! Chef Joe can combine just three secret ingredients to make a sauce, then take a piece of meat, whether it be bacon, sausage links, sausage patties, or ham, baste it up with the mixture, cook til it sizzles and viola, a transformation from the ordinary into a mouth watering taste sensation!



Sizzling Saucy Sausage

But he is not done yet! To make things interesting he now presents this new meat dish to the guests and offers them a FREE night if they can correctly name all three of the ingredients which have upgraded the meat to the next level. So far no one has been 100% correct in naming those 3 ingredients! If you think you have a great palate you could be the first winner so we invite you to come and stay and take a guess. You just could win yourself a free night stay!  Now if you are a vegetarian or vegan you may not want to eat the meat but maybe you can taste the sauce! Your choice or come with a meat eater and let him/her guess for you!

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