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Eggs Florentine at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast Eggs Florentine
11 Feb

Win a FREE night!

Want to win a FREE night at Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast? We have several ways in which you can do just that!


The first way to win a free night is to guess the basting sauce that is on all of our various breakfast meat side dishes. Depending on the entree, the meat may be bacon, sausage links, ham, sausage patties, or maybe another meat variety. Whichever it is it will be basted with an original sauce created by sous chef, Joe. The sauce is always made with three types of ingredients. There will be something sweet, like maybe honey. The next ingredient will be something savory, like mustard. And the third ingredient will be something salty, for example soy sauce. And the sauces vary on a daily basis, never the same thing twice. So to win a free night all you have to do is name all three sauce ingredients! Sounds easy doesn’t it! But Joe has been doing this contest for years and no one has ever guessed all three ingredients, that is until today! We have a winner!

Free Night Winners

Andrea Schuver and Aaron Meyerowitz winners of Free Night

Yes, Andrea Schuver and Aaron Meyerowitz from Florida correctly guessed the three ingredients on today’s bacon which was served on top of Eggs Florentine. After the bacon was cooked it was basted in a mixture of honey, horseradish sauce, and Hunan sauce. They have great palates and super deduction skills! Congratulations Andrea and Aaron! And be sure to check out the recipe for our own version of Eggs Florentine here.

Win free night with bacon

Eggs Florentine topped with Saucy bacon


The second way to win a free night is to find the differences in all of the place settings. There are 12 items at each place setting so with four guests there will be 48 pieces total. Of those 48 pieces, seven items were different from their companion pieces.For example  a luncheon fork at one setting and a dinner fork at all of the others. One napkin different from the others or one goblet. Everything changes for every breakfast. The number of differences varies depending on how much time Joe has to do everything! This contest has not produced any winners over the 7 or 8 years he has been doing it. So come and be our guest! Maybe you will be the first winner!

Free night - table setting differences

Find the differences on the table and win free night


The third way to win a free night is to stay with us for a total of six nights. They do not have to be consecutive nights and they do not have to be within a certain time frame. Just accumulate six nights over time and get a seventh night free. So easy but you have to check our Specials Page and let us know that you want to be in our Loyalty Program and we will let you know when you are ready for a free night. And it is not just for Oberlin College parents but for anyone.


On or around Veterans Day we give free nights to active duty military and veterans as a way of saying “Thank You” for your service. Be sure to check out the details here.

So what are you waiting for! Book on line or call! You could be a contest winner! You can accumulate six nights. And if you are military call us in September.

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