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12 Oct

Gore Orphanage – Haunted with Ghosts


After each of our daughters turned 16 and began driving, one of the first places they headed for was Gore Orphanage Road here in Lorain County, just a few miles from the B & B. So, you may ask, what is so special about this particular road that teenagers would want to go there and at night no less! The story that our daughters and the locals will tell you is that there is one location on the road that is HAUNTED with the sounds of screaming ghosts! 

As the legend goes this one location on Gore Road was the site of Hope Orphanage which some say burned down on the morning of November 22, 1910 trapping the children inside and now their spirits haunt the site with their screams for help. The road was originally named Gore Rd. but the word Orphanage was added when Hope Orphanage was located there.
Now there is a movie in production about this legend of Gore Orphanage set to open in 2015! Check out the link for all the details about the movie.
To get background for this BLOG post I typed in gore orphanage and got a wealth of websites devoted to the Gore Orphanage so if you really want to learn about the legend before the movie comes out check out some of these sites. Read about it and then you decide – is it legend or is it fact? And if it is fact, is Gore Orphanage Rd. in Vermilion, Ohio really HAUNTED?! Read about it and then let us know what you think. Real and haunted or just a legend? And if you want to see the site for yourself come and stay and we will point the way!!

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