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9 Jan

Videos and Video Advertising

Recently I learned that videos and video advertising are the new big things for showcasing a B & B!

So since videos are now important for businesses I started researching how and where to get one done for the B & B. Up popped an on-line article that said a good professionally done three minute video will cost a business between $10,000 – $15,000! Needless to say I almost choked! A little three room B & B in Oberlin, even if we are runner up for most unique lodging in Ohio, would take years to recoup that investment!

Time for some DIY!
Movie Maker

Microsoft Video Movie Maker

On my Windows 7 computer I found Microsoft Movie Maker which I had never used. Now I have used it and I love it! It is a quick learn. And YouTube has an Audio Library of background music for free download. Some of that music requires attribution and some does not. So in good DIY fashion I have set out to make my own amateur videos. They may not have the professional touch, and for that I apologize, but they will convey the message that Hallauer House Bed & Breakfast is a unique and professionally run business.

But how does a 3 minute video, professional or not, do justice to a bed and breakfast business? In my opinion it does not if it is just one big sweep around the property showing no particular thing up close and personal! We want to go slow and show guests the uniqueness of the property, the rooms, and furnishings. So with that in mind we set out to tell our video story room by room by outside area!

So now the video making adventure begins!

With no real video experience, and no video camera, I started by putting still pictures of Hallauer House into the video format of Movie Maker and then adding transitions, captions, and background music to get the entire thing moving like a real video.

Welcome sign

Welcome to our video!

This first stop on our new video adventure begins at the front entrance. The fist thing that a guest will see upon arrival here is the big red welcome wagon at the top of the driveway. Then guests only need walk a short distance from their car to the original front door entry.  The 1860 door bell you will see still works! But good to know that the crank must be turned counter clockwise to the left. Seems backward to everyone including me! When we hear the clang of the bell or the opening of the massive door we will greet you with a smile and a hand shake! Welcome to Hallauer House!

So checkout my first video of many videos to come! It is now published on our YouTube page and also on our Facebook page

The tentative video schedule.

Each week I hope to publish a video of a different room or outside area at Hallauer House. Next week the simple entry hallway will be highlighted, the ‘hair’ in a frame, the swords, the antiques, and the staircase. That will be followed by the common areas and guest rooms:

  • The Music Room

    Hallauer House B & B

    A sample logo

  • Dining Room
  • Great Room
  • small Dining Room
  • Asian Spa
  • Rec/Exercise Room
  • Confederate Room
  • Union Room
  • Mason/Dixon Suite

The videos of the interior should all be on-line by April or early May. Then we will move outside to showcase the “Garden of Misfit Junk” and the pool area. So be sure to check back on a regular basis. Some videos will be done with still pictures and hopefully some with actual video.

Our hope is that you enjoy the videos on our YouTube or Facebook Pages! Let us know in the comment section. And be sure to visit our website for specials, experiences, gift cards (Valentine’s Day is coming!), recipes rec and visit our website for complete information.

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